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Already as a child I wanted to become an artist; loved to draw, made things, messed with paint, etc...; and in 1980 I considered myself far enough to organize my first solo-exhibition.

Before I lived in the Netherlands (where I was born), Belgium and the US, a. o. It was a period of growing to the top with shows in renowned places like: gallery Eichner Jerusalem, Krymskaja Nabereznaja Moscow, or Intergrafik Berlin, and my work became rewarded several times.

In 1986 I moved to Amsterdam, got involved in organization and committees, and maybe even more important: the beginning of internet and its possibilities. A new horizon opened up; the digital freeway.

Also in this period my writing became more succesful with publications in prominent anthologies and magazines.

After a study Internet Developer Expert in Antwerp I moved to Spain where I started and led a company with 33 employees until the crisis forced me back to the Netherlands where I now live in Maastricht; the cultural capital of the south. At this moment I am working together with others to launch a new cultural initiative with as a main purpose to boost the economical possibilities of the region.


The teachers of Atec, Antwerp, where I followed a 6 month course Internet Developer Expert in 1997

Developing websites was lucrative in the beginning until the bubble collapsed in 1999, and every single one I developed became awarded in those early days of the internet.

Some of the most prestigeous I show down here as a historical tribute to the pioneers:

alex award webmasters award helpware award surfers choice award award sites
my office

My home office in Antwerp 1998

In 1999 I started, together with a companion, Global Marketing b.v.b.a. in Edegem (Belgium) and for a couple of years we were very succesful; but economics in the local area turned slow and we decided to move on.

Spain, on the other hand, had a booming economy with 5% anual growth, and IT engineers where still rare, so we decided to emigrate and left Belgium early 2002

webdesign webdevelopment
free tools

Free Tools are a great way to attract visitors and customers

From developing websites we grew over implementing free-tools and applications to a server-security-company, employing 33 highly trained people in the top years (2005-06)


Unfortunatly we also became a victim of the crisis that hit business in Spain harder then it did in most parts of Europe; why I had to come back to the Netherlands in June 2011. Literaly no money could be made overthere at that moment. Still it was a good time, and I don't regret the adventure. If I had the change I would take the risk again.

het ritsjas gevoel

Only available in Dutch

Ze ontmoeten elkaar in de trein. Hij ontfermt zich maar haar achtergrond blijkt complex. Vluchtend voor de autoriteiten worden ze geholpen maar ook verraden. Na zijn vrijlating zoekt hij haar, overtuigd dat het verleden haar leven heeft gestolen.




the poems

with original illustrations

A bundle of poems from 1975 till 2012; original in Dutch and translated in English with digital illustrations. Een bundel gedichten van 1975 tot 2012; oorspronkelijk in het Nederlands en hertaald naar het Engels met originele illustraties.

kort verhaal

Only available in Dutch

Helaas is dit blad inmiddels ter ziele dankzij de niet aflatende bezuinigingen. Het was een platvorm voor beginnende en gerenommeerde schrijvers; het criterium was kwaliteit, maar dat is iets dat tegenwoordig al snel de nek wordt omgedraaid. In dit zomernummer verscheen mijn verhaal "Foto's"





with original illustrations

Still available to read on my blogpage; the original Dutch and English translation. The story is a quest and a search for the gods that rule the world; it's a search for what relegion still does to the earth today; the influence and the impact.

in het jaar 2001

Only available in Dutch

In de late jaren 80 en het begin van de jaren 90 deed ik mee aan een aantal "kort verhaal wedstrijden" waardoor mijn werk in verschillende bloemlezingen werd opgenomen; zoals in het hiernaast afgebeelde "In het Jaar 2001", uitgekomen bij uitgeverij de Vleermuis in Roermond. Het opgenomen verhaal is getiteld "Vroege Lente"




list en bedrog

only available in Dutch

Hetzelfde geldt voor de bundel "List en Bedrog", uitgekomen bij De Beuk in Amsterdam. Het hierin opgenomen verhaal heet "Deurverkoop". Verder participeerde ik nog in de Gorcumse Literatuurprijs, de bundel " De Vijf Zinnen", met het verhaal "Harde Wind", waarvan helaas geen afbeelding meer beschikbaar is. Ook verschenen er verhalen in vluchtiger media zoals kranten, magazines en weekmedia.

some Manuscripts in Dutch


Een roman gecomponeerd uit 30 opstellen over de jonge Ramos en zijn zoektocht naar seksuele bewustwording.

A novel composed from 30 stories about the young Ramos and his search for sexual awakeness.





Deze roman speelt zich af in Andalucia (Zuid Spanje), in het louche milieu van beleggers en bankiers.

This novel is situated in Andalucia (South of Spain), in the criminal environment of investors and bankers.


Liefdesrelatie tussen een 18 jarige student en een 13 jaar oudere Japanse directiesecretaresse in het Parijs van de vroege jaren zeventig.

Love affair between an 18 year old student and a 13 year older Japanse in Paris of the early Seventies.





Roman over de levensstuipen en het opgroeien van een jongen van 13

Novel about the growth-pains of a 13 year old boy

korte verhalen

some of these stories where published before in anthologies, magazines and papers

Een bundel korte verhalen geschreven tussen 1975 en nu

A bundle of short stories written between 1975 and today





Roman over wassend water n.a.v. de klimaatopwarming

Novel about a water planet after the climate change

Galleries available in this website

digitals drawings paintings
ero fantasies landscapes liquid series

Liquid series; realized with a home-made set of filters for Adobe CS

Gallery of digital work for sale in high quality print

Gallery of Drawings

Digital Landscapes; for sale in high quality print

Gallery of Paintings

Gallery of Ero-fantasies; these works are for sale in high quality print

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